Codes of Safe Practices




1.      Do not use scaffolds that do not have proper guards rails, mid rails and toe boards (as appropriate).

2.      Do not overload scaffolds. Follow manufacturer’s safe working load recommendations.

3.      Do not climb cross braces. Use only approved access ladders or steps and use both hands while climbing.

4.      Do not stand on guardrails, ladders or makeshift devices on top of scaffolds to gain greater height.

5.      Never use scaffolds where contact can be made with live electrical circuits or power lines. Always maintain safe clearance (minimum of 10 ft.) from any electrical source.

6.      Never apply shock loads to the scaffold platform. (Never jump down onto the platform.)

7.      Do not remove top or mid rails or toeboards.

8.      Do not leave trash or debris on scaffolds.

9.      Prior to working below the scaffolds, make sure overhead protection (i.e. toeboards) are in place.

10.   Wear your hardhat when exposed to overhead hazards.