Codes of Safe Practices




1.      Check over the machine carefully for loose, broken, or damaged parts. Have any repairs made by an authorized person before using.

2.      Wear tight-fitting, sturdy clothing to avoid having it sucked into the machine. Avoid clothing with chains or straps.

3.      Always wear proper personal protective equipment. Protect your eyes from dust and flying objects with a facemask, screen or safety goggles. If you choose to wear a respirator, see the Respirators Code of Safe Practices.

4.      Avoid areas occupied with bystanders.

5.      Always start and run the unit in an upright position.

6.      Do not start or run the engine inside a closed building.

7.      Always direct the discharge of debris away from people, glass, and solid objects that could cause material to ricochet.

8.      Do not use the blower from ladders, trees, rooftops, or other unstable surfaces.

9.      Store gasoline only in approved containers, never plastic jugs or glass bottles.