Codes of Safe Practices



1.      Electric cart speed limit is 8 mph.

2.      Electric carts are not to be modified in a way that will affect capacity and safe operation of the vehicle (for instance, you should not add a trailer hitch).

3.      Battery charging installations will be in marked designated areas that are well ventilated.

4.      Whether on or off-lot, drivers of electric carts will obey all DMV vehicular traffic signs and regulations:

  1. stop at posted intersections and blind corners
  2. obey the speed limit
  3. do not pass moving vehicles
  4. avoid quick or jerky stops and turns at fast speeds.
  5. use seat belts and turn signals whenever crossing city streets. 

5.     Always check with your supervisor before driving on public streets.

6.     Feet, legs, arms and hands are to be kept inside the electric cart at all times.  Do not drag your foot outside the cart.

7.     Never park the electric cart in a fire lane, aisle or doorway, or block material or equipment to which someone else may need access.

8.     The number of passengers may not exceed the number of seats or the manufacturer’s recommended seating/weight capacity.

9.     When carrying a load, it is the driver’s responsibility to be sure the load is stable and will not fall off the vehicle while the vehicle is moving. Loads will be balanced, braced and secured.  Always drive more slowly and with greater caution when transporting a heavy load.

10.  Golf carts have been known to flip over, causing serious injury.  Always drive under control and avoid sudden sharp turns.

11.  There is to be absolutely no horseplay on the golf carts.