Codes of Safe Practices




1.     Use a chain saw only if you are trained and authorized to do so.

2.     Be aware that the hazards associated with chain saw use are: kickback, burns, electrocution and loss of control.

3.     Prevent kickback by keeping the nose or tip of the guide bar away from contact with solid objects.

4.     Wear protective clothing, including a hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy boots or shoes.

5.     Do not drop start the chain saw.  Start the saw by either placing it on firm ground and make sure the guide bar and chain are clear of any obstructions.

6.     Always hold a running saw firmly with both hands.

7.     Operate saws that are sharp, properly lubricated and have the correct chain tension per the manufacturer.

8.     Use extreme caution to be sure the chain does not contact limbs or materials other than the one you want to cut.

9.     Never carry a saw when it is running. If you should fall, the saw could spin around and cut you severely. The engine should be stopped and the saw carried with the blade pointed to the rear.