Codes of Safe Practices



     CONVERYORS, Sorters, and Other Mechanized Equipment

1.      You may not climb under or onto or cross over a conveyor, sorter, or other piece of mechanized equipment for any reason, unless the system is effectively locked out.

2.      You may not ride on any of this equipment.

3.      Turn off the equipment when freeing jams. Only trained personnel may clear a jam by mounting the equipment. Before clearing jams or working on this equipment, first lock-out at the source of power. If more than one person is working on the equipment, they should all attach their own personal lock.

4.      Shut equipment off when you search for or pick up an item underneath it. Make certain the equipment cannot be started unexpectedly, thus exposing you to danger.

5.      Do not attempt to retrieve fallen, misthrown, or caught mail from moving equipment.

6.      If a conveyor stops, call the supervisor; don't try to restart it by pulling the belt or by any other method, other than using the designated start button.

7.      Don't overload conveyors, sorters, or other mechanized equipment.


1.      Use the conveyors only if you are trained and authorized to do so.

2.      Riding on conveyors is prohibited.

3.      Keep the area around conveyor loading and unloading points clear of obstructions during conveyor operations.

4.      Stop the conveyors and Lockout/Tagout the power source during maintenance, repair, and servicing.

5.      Lockout/Tagout the conveyors in the stop position before an attempt is made to remove the cause of a jam or overload.

6.      Make sure rollers or pulleys at the ends of belt conveyors are guarded to prevent fingers and hands from being drawn into pinch points.



1.      Plug the hand pendant into the female socket (either end top or bottom).

2.      Pull the STOP button up so you can turn the unit ON.

3.      Move the black rotary witch either LEFT or RIGHT momentarily so the conveyor will go in the desired direction.  The conveyor will run automatically in the desired direction.

4.      To change the directions of the conveyor PUSH in the STOP button.  Once the conveyor has stopped, do steps 2 & 3.

5.      Stopping the conveyor is done by the RED mushroom STOP button on your hand controller, or for EMERGENCY STOPS ONLY use the orange cord that is wrapped around the conveyor.

6.      To RESET the E-stop on the conveyor after the actuation, do the following:

  1. Check for the emergency application, and make sure all personnel are in the clear.
  2. Walk the length of the conveyor and clear any obstacles and/or items that may cause a jamming of the conveyor.
  3. Once all is clear and all the personnel are in the clear, you can reset the E-stop switch.

7.      RESET PROCEDURE of the E-stop switch: PULL the button on the top of the switch and PUSH in the actuator. (Actuator is the part that has the cable for emergency stop attached.  The switch is delicate and doesn’t require much force to reset it.)

(** Note: To adjust the E-stop cable tensions use the turnbuckle that is located on the opposite side of the E-stop switch on the conveyor.)