Codes of Safe Practices



    Cyclone Dust Collection System Maintenance

1.     Maintain and/or repair the cyclone dust collection system only if you have been trained and authorized to do so.

2.     Smoking is prohibited in and around the cyclone.

3.     Prior to maintenance or repair activities, lockout/tagout the cyclone to prevent accidental startup.  The shutoff switches are located on the north side of the cyclone.  Additional switches are located near the entry points of the cyclone.  Place all switches in the “off” position and lockout/tagout prior to entry.

4.     Never enter the cyclone when the airborne dust obscures vision at a distance of 5 feet or less.

5.     Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including safety goggles, dust masks, and tyveks when working in the cyclone.

6.     All work being performed in or on top of the cyclone should include an additional employee or attendant.

7.     All maintenance work shall be performed on protected platforms and catwalks.  If work must be conducted outside the platforms and catwalks, approved fall protection (full body harness and lanyard) shall be used.  When unclogging the settling chamber, work within the catwalks using a “push stick”.

8.     When debris needs to be cleared from the screw conveyor, an employee can only enter the area only when adequate precautions (incl. lockout/tagout) have been taken to protect the employee.  An attendant must also be outside the area and be in direct view of the employee at all times.