Codes of Safe Practices





1.      Operate the vehicle hoist only if you have been properly trained and authorized to do so.

2.      Inspect the lift daily.  Never operate it if it has broken or damaged parts.

3.      Operating controls are designed to close when released.  DO NOT block open or override them.

Before Lifting:

1.      Rotate arms inward to provide drive-over clearance.

2.      Center vehicle left and right over lift with wheel in proper spotting plate position according to vehicle size.

3.      Position adapter pads at vehicle manufacturer’s approved lifting points.  If adapters are raised, face front and rear ones in opposite directions.


1.      Open air control valve slowly until adapters contact vehicle.

2.      Check to make certain all adapters are making full and proper contact.

3.      Raise lift approximately 18” and check stability by rocking vehicle front to rear.

4.      Raise lift until automatic locking device is fully engaged.


1.      Disengage locking device.

2.      Place air control valve in exhaust position until loft superstructure makes full contact with floor.

After Lowering:

1.      Rotate arms inward.

2.      Make certain adapters are in the flat position before removing vehicle.



        (AC 810)

        Before Lifting:

1.      Center vehicle over the lift with rear wheels resting in wheel depressions.  The rear axle is then automatically positioned directly over rear lifting saddle.

2.      Adjust front cylinder and saddle under front axle or control arms as necessary.

3.      Check positioning of front and rear saddle adapters and adjust to widest point of contact.


1.      Open air valve

2.      SLOWLY open front and rear control valves to raise pistons.  Make certain that adapters make proper contact and both pistons rise together.

3.      When both pistons reach desired height, release control valves to closed position and exhaust air pressure with air valve.


1.      Disengage lift locks.

2.      Make certain that air valve is in exhaust position.

3.      Open both control valves slowly and lower pistons together.

After Lowering:

1.       Make certain pistons are fully retracted before removing vehicle.