Codes of Safe Practices




1.      Operate jackhammers only if you are trained and authorized to do so.

2.      Before use, check the site for potential underground hazards including electrical conduits, waterlines, gas lines, etc.

3.      Always wear proper protective equipment including safety glasses or shield, hard hat, hearing protection, and safety shoes/foot guards.

4.      Check all bits to see that they are sharp. If not, sharpen according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Always use eye protection when operating a grinder.

5.      Always disconnect the electric power or air supply before inserting or removing tools.

6.      Be sure all tools are properly locked into the unit before operating.

7.      Keep all bystanders out of the work area.

8.      Prevent back injuries by using your leg muscles to lift the machine into operating position.

9.      Allow the tool to do the work by using a grip light enough to maintain control.

10.  If stopping work for a short period of time or for the day, unplug the electricity or stop the compressor.