Codes of Safe Practices




1.      Use personal protective equipment including safety glasses, hearing protection and respirators when appropriate.

2.      Make sure work area is clean and clear of all hazards.

3.      Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

4.      Use caution when moving equipment into or out of a shop. Use a spotter when necessary.

5.      Locate such items as fire extinguishers and eye wash stations so you can find them in the event of an emergency.

6.      Use lock-out tag-out on equipment that is not to be started or moved.

7.      Always use the proper tools for the job. See your supervisor for any special tools.

8.      Inspect equipment routinely (i.e. drop cords for loose or frayed ends). Report all defects to your supervisor for repair or replacement.

9.      Never get under any equipment supported only by a jack. Always use the proper stands.

10.  Make sure the full weight is resting on the stand and the equipment is secure.

11.   Use only jacks that are in good condition and proper tonnage for your application. Report any defective jack or stands to your supervisor. Do not use them.