Codes of Safe Practices




1.      When picking up materials using the blue rolling recycle bins (known as “toters”), do not lower the toters down staircases.  Use the elevators for this task when they are available.

2.      If no elevator is available, break the load down into the smaller, lighter, more manageable “Slim Jims” before using the stairs.

3.      When emptying the toters or “Slim Jims” into the large recycling dumpsters, take the following precautions:

a.         Use proper lifting techniques (see “LIFTING”).

b.         Wear gloves and other PPE if appropriate.

c.         Never stand on or in the dumpster.

d.         Never stand on the railings of your electric cart.

e.         Make sure the lid of the dumpster is open completely and secured so it does not slam shut unexpectedly.