Codes of Safe Practices




         (Mail Room X-Ray)

1.     Only use the scanning equipment if you are trained and authorized to do so.

2.     Check to see that all warning lamps and signals are working properly.

3.     Before turning on the scanning unit, check to see that no people or pets are on the conveyor belt.

3.     If a dangerous object (explosive, weapon, hazardous chemical, etc.) is identified, close the trailer and call 911 IMMEDIATELY.

4.     Do not insert any part of your body into the inspection tunnel while the x-rays are on.  Although the radiation dose is low, any unnecessary radiation should always be avoided.

5.     The scanning unit produces up to 150,000 volts.  Never remove any covers during system operation.

6.     Do not sit on or attempt to ride the conveyor.

7.     Keep hands away from the edges of the conveyor belt and end rollers.

8.     All maintenance should be performed by a qualified service technician.